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Start accepting 80+ cryptocurrencies in minutes without exchange rate risks! Payments are instantly converted to EUR or USD pegged stablecoins.
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  • No Chargebacks – Irreversible Payments
  • Low flat 1% Processing Fee
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Participate in the Blockchain revolution without the risks

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You can start accepting crypto in minutes!

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You decide which crypto-currencies to accept and the currency of your payouts.

We connect conventional banking services
with the world of cryptocurrencies and
blockchain technologies

How long before I can start receiving payments?

We would usually have you up and running within 24 hours during business days.

What are the fees?

We charge a flat 1% platform fee. This fee is exclusive of any regular fees and commissions charged by your linked Crypto Exchange account.

Can I accept payments from any country?

There are no geographical restrictions with regards to crypto payments. The solution is truly borderless.

How can I receive the fiat currency payouts?

Withdrawals from your linked crypto exchange account can be sent to any bank in the world (except sanctioned countries etc) either through SEPA (Europe) or SWIFT (Global).

How about chargebacks?

This is one of the many benefits associated with crypto payments. Payments are final and irreversible, no chargebacks, no surprises.

Questions? We are full of answers!

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